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Sound Services are proud to introduce our new Dante® range by Monacor

Monacor DT products use Dante® interfaces to allow cost effective Audio over IP

Ceiling, cabinet and column powered speakers are available for fixed installations in shops, hotels, pubs, restaurants, schools or indoor sports facilities. Separate Dante® enabled amplifiers allow the system to feed any standard loudspeakers and PA systems

Dante® installation and setup is simple and the range of DT products allow for various applications

Audinate’s Dante® is a LAN network technology for digital audio transmission which allows simultaneous transmission of several digital audio signals. It is possible to transmit uncompressed and synchronised audio signals with virtually no latency. Dante® technology is designed for live events, recording, broadcasting and public address sound installations

Using standard CAT5e Ethernet network cabling for audio transmission is often more cost-effective. The technology allows for a high level of flexibility when planning and implementing a project

Dante® can be used in parallel to an existing network which makes it a particularly attractive option. Digital transmissions do not incur interference from other electrical devices and greater cable distances are possible without degrading the signal quality. The free ‘Dante® Controller’ software determines which specified Dante® enabled transmitter feeds which other specified Dante® enabled receiver(s). The software allows change to the connections using the software interface. Several different devices within the same network can receive each audio channel


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Ash Manor Sports Centre

Ash Manor Sports Centre needed to upgrade their portable sound system on a budget and wanted the additions to be integrated into the proposed new system in next years budget

We opted to replace the aging 10″ speakers with 15″ high power units that are capable of handling the digital power of the proposed STA-500D class D amplifier. A stand alone BT-1B Bluetooth adaptor was also added to the system so that near field connectivity was catered for


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Southcote Primary School, Reading

We have served Southcote Primary School in Reading for many years and we were very pleased to be asked to upgrade the main hall sound system to include two new specialist CD players – the first was a CD-112BT offering CD, USB and SD card playback and Bluetooth connectivity. The second unit was an AD-400 which provided CD, USB and SD card playback and an FM radio

The combination of these two media players provides the school with up to date sound system functions for drama, music, assemblies and parent evenings etc.


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School lockdown sound system

To help you design an emergency lockdown sound system for your school we have added a template system that offers the following facilities for your installation:

  • Mains operated with option for 24v battery back-up
  • 4 x 120w amplifier output
  • 4 independent loudspeaker zones
  • 5  independent amplifier inputs
  • Zone paging microphone for reception or admin office
  • Single button all call microphone for office manager or head teacher
  • Wall mount emergency lockdown microphone with 60 second digital announcement and siren activation
  • Remote siren activation buttons can be added where required
  • Outdoor speakers rated to IP66
  • Indoor ceiling speakers fitted with fire retardant domes
  • Easily expandable system
  • Internal fault detection and indication of amplifier and emergency microphone faults
  • Amplifier facilitates use of spare emergency amplifiers that are activated should an amplifier zone fail


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Christmas at Calthorpe Park

21st December 2017 and it’s the last day of term. Around 1000 young people crowded the old sports hall for the Calthorpe Park Christmas Assembly – great jollity arose from festive humour interspersed with anecdotes and wonderful music. Even the teachers sang!

Sound Services supplied and installed the 2000w sound system on short term hire – we used 3 amplifiers, a mixing desk and 2 sub-mixers, 16 speakers, 6 wireless mics, 12 cabled mics, 2 DI boxes and what appeared to be miles of cable and gaffa tape!

A great event that tells us all that Christmas has arrived