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another clever little (DI) box

DIB-100 DI box

DI or direct injection boxes allow you to connect all of your line level sources to a balanced microphone input on your mixer or amplifier – allowing long leads between the keyboard, laptop, CD player etc. and the desk

Keep the DI box close to the source (keyboard, laptop, CD player etc.) and have a long XLR to XLR balanced mic lead to the mixer. We have found passive DI boxes to be the most convenient and versatile but do remember many DI boxes do not like having phantom power on their XLR inputs as some may use centre tapped isolating transformers

This configuration keeps noise at bay, makes hum loops a thing of the past, matches impedances and levels and is just so simple – more

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Test those batteries!

BAT393 universal analogue battery tester

If you are using wireless microphones then failing batteries can be a big issue – even a ‘new’ box of batteries can let you down as we found at a recent visit to a school Nativity. The wireless microphones were behaving erratically and we found the ‘new’, in date batteries were producing just 1/3 of their rated voltage

This handy Mercury BAT393 battery tester checks most batteries telling you when to discard each one – a wise investment at just £2.25 + VAT

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Christmas at Calthorpe Park

21st December 2017 and it’s the last day of term. Around 1000 young people crowded the old sports hall for the Calthorpe Park Christmas Assembly – great jollity arose from festive humour interspersed with anecdotes and wonderful music. Even the teachers sang!

Sound Services supplied and installed the 2000w sound system on short term hire – we used 3 amplifiers, a mixing desk and 2 sub-mixers, 16 speakers, 6 wireless mics, 12 cabled mics, 2 DI boxes and what appeared to be miles of cable and gaffa tape!

A great event that tells us all that Christmas has arrived

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RM Quartet wireless microphones from W Audio

The RM Quartet wireless microphones are designed for many applications, including vocal and public address where up to four handheld transmitters are required. The robust design allows the system to withstand the rigours of the road making it perfect for schools, clubs, entertainers and performers. The 19″ rack mountable receiver features four balanced XLR outputs, one for each channel plus one mixed output via an unbalanced 6.35mm (1/4”) jack. The receiver features a USB 5V power outlet for charging the handheld receivers with the supplied dual USB cable – more

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Every day is a school day!

You are never too old to learn, Earlier today we had a panic phone call from a customer who had a recent wireless microphone installation – while using the system at the Infant School Nativity the sound system ‘failed’ in a somewhat magnificent way. The problem was described as the sound a a squadron of Chinooks flying over the school hall

We donned protective gear, called out the combined RAF and UFO Investigators and rushed to the scene of the problem – to find, after a little exploratory work, that the batteries in the entry level wireless microphone transmitters had reached the end of their useful life and were not allowing the receivers to handshake and pair correctly – the receivers were not muting the noise

Changing the transmitter batteries put the Nativity back on track. The moral is try the simplest, obvious solutions first, have a great Christmas