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Monacor DT products use Dante® interfaces to allow cost effective Audio over IP

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Ceiling, cabinet and column powered speakers are available for fixed installations in shops, hotels, pubs, restaurants, schools or indoor sports facilities. Separate Dante® enabled amplifiers allow the system to feed any standard loudspeakers and PA systems

Dante® installation and setup is simple and the range of DT products allow for various applications

Audinate’s Dante® is a LAN network technology for digital audio transmission which allows simultaneous transmission of several digital audio signals. It is possible to transmit uncompressed and synchronised audio signals with virtually no latency. Dante® technology is designed for live events, recording, broadcasting and public address sound installations

Using standard CAT5e Ethernet network cabling for audio transmission is often more cost-effective. The technology allows for a high level of flexibility when planning and implementing a project

Dante® can be used in parallel to an existing network which makes it a particularly attractive option. Digital transmissions do not incur interference from other electrical devices and greater cable distances are possible without degrading the signal quality. The free ‘Dante® Controller’ software determines which specified Dante® enabled transmitter feeds which other specified Dante® enabled receiver(s). The software allows change to the connections using the software interface. Several different devices within the same network can receive each audio channel

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