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Sound Services offer our own 12 month UK only, return to base warranty valid from the purchase date of your new equipment – this guarantee is in addition to your UK legal rights

Monacor & IMG Stageline Warranty

As of 3rd February 2014 all warranty issues with Monacor and IMG Stageline warranty registered products will be handled directly by the MLEC Monacor service centre working on behalf of Monacor UK Ltd.

Many Monacor & IMG Stageline products can be registered online for an extended 3 year warranty

Monacor UK Ltd. operate their warranty repairs in the UK directly with the end user via MLEC UK Ltd. – This extended warranty is with Monacor UK and their service agents MLEC and not with Sound Services

Clever Acoustics & Prolight Concepts Warranty
As from 24th June 2015 Clever Acoustics introduced an extended 3 year warranty across the whole product line. This extended warranty is with Prolight Concepts Ltd. the importer of Clever Acoustics products and not with Sound Services

Adastra, QTX , Chord, AV:Link, Mercury, Citronic & AVSL Warranty
AVSL Ltd. offer a 1 year warranty on Adastra, QTX , Chord, AV:Link, Mercury & Citronic products

Sound Services Warranty
These manufacturers warranties do not affect your legal rights. If this public address and PA sound system equipment is supplied to users outside of the UK the warranty is with the equipment manufacturer and importer of that equipment

Used equipment, items from our ‘Bargain Basement’ and ‘Gear to Clear’ sections and headworn microphones (headmics) are covered by a limited warranty – this is normally 90 days from date of purchase – batteries, digital content, consumables and some other items are excluded from our warranty. Some items are deemed as disposable and the following statement is clearly added to the respective website entry ‘Please note that due of the nature and cost of this product we recommend that it be regarded as a limited life consumable item’

Please note that due to ingress of sweat, perspiration and spittle headmics and headworn microphones that are used for exercise groups and classes should be replaced every 3 months or so for health, hygiene and reliability reasons

CD, DVD, MD, Cassette, & other transport mechanisms and optical pickups are, however, covered only for 1000 hours of actual use. This usually equates to around 12 months average use. We normally find that players last a lot longer than their warranty period if they and their associated media are looked after, kept clean and treated & operated correctly

Ingress of dirt, fluid & foreign objects, damage to cables & connectors, damage and corrosion caused by moisture such as saliva, perspiration, battery leakage & chlorinated atmospheres are expressly not covered by any warranty

The warranty is strictly return to base only and does not cover any carriage incurred returning equipment to Sound Services, any loss of earnings or any other costs whatsoever or any equipment not supplied by Sound Services

Sound Services is not required to loan equipment while any service or repair work is undertaken – however we will often try and help if we can

All service and repair work carries a 90 day warranty from the date of repair – however this warranty strictly applies only to the parts replaced and to the original reported and repaired fault. Repaired equipment does not automatically invoke any new or extended warranties. Only faults described in detail can be traced and diagnosed – faults not adequately described may not be located – this will inevitably increase the workshop bench time which the equipment is subject to

The amplifier will be damaged if you use faulty speaker leads or speakers. Always look after your interconnect cables – they are easily damaged in a portable or mobile system. The leads and any damage directly caused by using faulty leads is not covered by the manufacturers warranty unless the leads exhibit a manufacturing fault. Immediately stop using the system if you suspect that you have damaged the speaker leads or speakers in any way

Maximum volume that any sound system is capable of producing before incurring equipment damage will be apparent by noticeable audio distortion – this may occur when the volume controls are set well away from maximum! If you can hear distortion then the system is being damaged! Turn the volume and bass down!

Unlike many we state wattage as RMS ratings – real watts – if we mean PPMO, Music Power, US watts or peak watts we say so. Remember American peak PPMO Music Power watts can be stated as up to 4 times higher than real watts – often causing confusion and possible damage to your equipment when mismatched products are used together

Never use more than two 8 ohm speakers with portable and aerobics type sound systems

Do not use re-chargeable batteries with wireless microphone systems as a NiMh RO3, for instance, only produces 8.4v rather than 9v that is available from a new dry cell battery – use of NiMh batteries will reduce the time that the wireless microphone system can be used before changing batteries by around 66%

Always ensure that you fit batteries the correct way round – incorrectly fitted batteries with reverse polarity invalidate the warranty

Please note that wireless mic receivers can be effected by CD & DVD players, Plasma screens and other RF sources such as mobile phones and PMR radios – please keep your wireless mic receiver at least 600mm away from your CD player, ghetto blaster or music system and do not try to transmit ‘through’ or close to a Plasma screen or stone walls etc.

It is preferable to wear you wireless mic transmitter belt pack in a custom pouch and belt such as the IMG Stageline belts

These conditions apply unless revoked in writing

UK Licenses for Music, Wireless Microphones, Radiomics and In-Ear Monitoring (IEM)

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