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IMG Stageline TXS-686HSE/38SET wireless microphone system

£1,129.95 £1,355.94 incl. VAT

UHF Ch 38 8 channel bodyworn radio microphone system

IMG Stageline TXS-646/38 wireless receiver

UHF Ch 38 quad wireless microphone receiver

IMG Stageline TXS-606HSE/38 wireless beltpack × 8

UHF Ch 38 bodyworn wireless microphone transmitter

Monacor HSE-150/SK headmic × 8

Discreet entry level headband microphone with 3 pin mini XLR




Complete TXS-686HSE/38SET 8 way channel 38 bodyworn wireless microphone system with headworn mics


  • TXS-686/38 8 channel wireless microphone receiver
  • 8 x TXS-606HSE/38 bodyworn transmitter (no mic) and 3 pin mini XLR socket
  • 8 x HSE-150/SK discreet headband microphone (headmic) with 3 pin mini XLR connector

Ideal for schools, colleges, stage, amateur dramatics and entertainers this 8 way wireless mic system offers great value for money

  • 32 selectable UHF frequencies on channels 38 (606.500-613.500 MHz)
  • ACT function for transmitting the selected frequency to pocket transmitter TXS-606LT/38, TXS-606HSE/38 or hand-held microphone TXS-606HT/38 via infrared signal from matching receiver
  • Electret condenser microphone cartridge
  • Switchable transmitting power (high: 25 mW/low: 2.5 mW)
  • LCD for indicating channel, audio level and battery status
  • Carrier frequency range: 606.500-613.500 MHz
  • Audio frequency range: 30-18,000 Hz, ±3 dB
  • See individual products for more information

This equipment requires an annual wireless microphone license when used in the UK

Wireless microphone systems need to be connected to a public address PA sound system to work


IMG Stageline


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