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Contacta STS-K002L-B talk through glass system

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Surface mounted speech and induction loop system

induction loop



Contacta STS-K002L-B surface mounted speech and induction loop system

A speech transfer system to provide assistance in clear communication where normal speech is impaired by the use of glass, a security screen or other similar barriers. A hearing loop facility is included in the system, providing additional assistance for hearing aid wearers

This kit includes free-standing speakers and a microphone module

The system is easy to use, offers excellent voice reproduction and enables hands-free operation for both staff and the customer

Easily installed and used in: Banks & building societies, petrol stations, security & police offices, ticket & post offices, reception & after hours service areas and bureaux de change etc.

  • Amplifier : dimensions: 115 x 115 x 40mm
  • Amplifier : weight: 0.1kg
  • Amplifier : construction: mild steel
  • Amplifier : supply voltage: 12-14Vdc
  • Amplifier : quiescent current: 100mA typical
  • Amplifier : operating current: 2A typical on speech peaks
  • Amplifier : speaker output power: RMS 2.5W / 8Ohms – 4.4W / 4Ohms
  • Amplifier : loop drive compliance: constant current bounded by 4V RMS & 3A RMS
  • Amplifier : total harmonic distortion: <5% (loop and speakers)
  • Staff unit : dimensions: 70 x 100 x 160mm
  • Staff unit : weight: 0.85kg
  • Staff unit : construction: mild steel
  • Staff unit : finishpowder: coated matt black
  • Speaker & Mic : dimensions: 75 x 60 x 110mm
  • Speaker & Mic : weight: 0.55kg
  • Speaker & Mic : construction: mild steel
  • Speaker & Mic : finish: powder coated matt black



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