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Contacta STS-K001L Series talk through glass systems


Bridge bar speech and induction loop system

induction loop



Contacta STS-K001L Series talk through glass system with induction loop

Available as:

  • STS-K001L-G: grey housing
  • STS-K001L-B: black housing – special order only

A speech transfer system to provide assistance in clear communication where normal speech is impaired by the use of glass, a security screen or other similar barriers. A hearing loop facility is included in the system, providing additional assistance for hearing aid wearers

The bridge bar system is easy to use, offers excellent voice reproduction and enables hands-free operation for both staff and the customer

Easily installed and used in: Banks & building societies, petrol stations, security & police offices, ticket & post offices, reception & after hours service areas and bureaux de change etc.


User friendly controls
Microphone/loudspeaker unit with mute facility to ensure privacy for the staff member
Microphone and loudspeaker for the customer
Integrated induction loop system to assist hearing aid wearers
Robust design available in two colours
Easy to install

  • Amplifier : dimensions: 115 x 115 x 40mm
  • Amplifier : weight: 100g
  • Amplifier : construction: ABS housing
  • Amplifier : supply voltage: 12-14Vdc
  • Amplifier : quiescent current: 100mA typical
  • Amplifier : operating current: 2A typical on speech peaks
  • Amplifier : speaker output power: 2.5W RMS @ 8Ohms / 4.4W RMS @ 4Ohms
  • Amplifier : loop drive compliance: Constant current bounded by 4V RMS & 3A RMS
  • Amplifier : total harmonic distortion: <5% (loop and speakers)
  • Staff unit : dimensions: 70 x 100 x 160mm
  • Staff unit : weight: 0.85kg
  • Staff unit : construction: mild steel
  • Staff unit : RMS: 5W
  • Staff unit : impedance: 4Ohms
  • Staff unit : output: SPL 1W @ 1M 85dB
  • Staff unit : frequency response: 150Hz – 10300Hz
  • Bridge bar unit : dimensions: 130 x 620 x 290mm
  • Bridge bar unit : weight: 1.44kg
  • Bridge bar unit : construction: mild steel
  • Bridge bar unit : RMS: 5W
  • Bridge bar unit : impedance: 2 x 4Ohms
  • Bridge bar unit : output: SPL 1W @ 1M 85dB
  • Bridge bar unit : frequency response: 150Hz – 11000Hz



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