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Pro-Signal, Pro-Elec, Pro-Power, Pro-Luxe,

Pro-Signal SS5 Series miniature microphones


Clothing clip mic




Pro-Signal subminiature SS5 Series microphones.

These mics are electret condenser types and require a bias voltage to work – they are perfect for use with wireless microphone transmitters etc. Similar to Monacor ECM500L and ECM501L, the SS5 are lapel / clothing clip types for use in meetings, on stage or in Church etc.

  • Clothing-clip microphones are best worn centrally some 15 to 20cm below your mouth

Available connectors:

  • 2 pole right-angled non-locking 3.5mm jack for general applications etc.
  • 3 pole locking 3.5mm jack for Sennheiser wireless microphone transmitters etc.
  • 3 pole slim 3.5mm jack for Toa wireless microphone transmitters, CCTV cameras and Axis modules etc.
  • 3 pin mini XLR for IMG Stageline HSE, Gemini 64ch, AKG, Nady, LD Systems and Samson wireless microphone transmitters etc.

Please note that due to the nature and cost of these products we recommend that they be regarded as limited life consumable items

Products styles and colours may vary



Pro-Series includes Pro-Signal, Pro-Elec, Pro-Power, Pro-Luxe and more
Pro-Signal, Pro-Elec, Pro-Power, Pro-Luxe,

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Right-angled 3.5mm jack, Locking 3.5mm jack, Slim 3.5mm jack, 3 pin mini XLR


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