Ch 70

Trantec S4.04 Series wireless microphone systems


UHF Ch 70 radio microphone system with handheld or bodyworn transmitter




Trantec S4.04 Series wireless microphone systems

Up to 4 wireless microphone channels may be used simultaneously in Channel 70 using this and additional equipment

Available as:

  • S4.04-HD UHF handheld wireless microphone system
  • S4.04-L UHF lapel wireless microphone system
  • S4.04/100SX UHF aerobic headset wireless microphone system
  • S4.04/SX UHF headset wireless microphone system

Available on license free Ch 70 with 4 switchable license free frequencies and fully synthesized PLL quartz tuning technology

The S4.04-HD handheld wireless microphone system comes with a wireless handheld microphone and a UHF wireless receiver

  • CH 0 – 863.150MHz
  • CH 1 – 863.725MHz
  • CH 2 – 864.150MHz
  • CH 3 – 864.850MHz

All of these frequencies are on Channel 70 and are license free in the UK

  • Clear and true transmission
  • Average operating range: 30m
  • Diversity receiver
  • Adjustable squelch
  • Receiver has robust metal housing
  • Dynamic processor for crystal-clear sound

Wireless microphone systems need to be connected to a public address PA sound system to work



For nearly thirty years Trantec have specialised in producing high quality wireless microphones, beltpacks and in ear monitors. Our wide product range, as well as versatile accessories, ensures that we can cater for the most challenging audio demands, at almost any budget within the broadcast, film, music, school, house of worship and theatre industries. Now owned by TOA, Trantec continues to advance by investing in our own research and development to ensure that our product range maintains its innovative, market leading position. For over a quarter of a century TOA has been committed to developing vocal and speech radio products to the highest specification at the cutting edge of technology. We are proud to have become synonymous with high quality and reliability. The introduction of the latest Trantec wireless microphones has completed the TOA line up that allows integration into a wide and varied market sector that makes challenging demands within professional audio, broadcast, film, music and theatre.

Additional information

Frequency Band


Wireless Microphone Channel

Channel 70 (863-865 MHz)


Handheld mic, Lapel mic, Standard headmic, Aerobics headmic





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