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Chord QU4 Series UHF quad wireless microphone systems


UHF Ch 70 4 way radio microphone system with handheld or bodyworn transmitters




Chord QU4 Series UHF quad wireless microphone systems – license free on Ch 70

Up to 4 wireless microphone channels may be used simultaneously in Channel 70 using this equipment

Available as:

  • QU4-H (171.840): Quad handheld wireless mic system
  • QU4-N (171.841): Quad beltpack wireless mic system with headmics
  • QU4-C (171.842): Quad combo beltpack and handheld wireless mic system

A wireless system with 4 independent UHF channels. The receiver is 19″ rack-mountable and features 4 separate XLR outputs or a mixed jack output. Suitable for vocal groups, theatres and presentations.

  • Individual or mixed outputs
  • Twin front-mounting antennas
  • Supplied with 4 colour coded transmitters
  • 19″ rack-mountable (1U)
  • Power supply: 12-18Vdc 800mA adaptor (supplied)
  • Batteries: 8 x AA (included)
  • Carrier frequencies: Red 863.01 ,Yellow 863.42, Green 864.30, Blue 864.99MHz
  • Stability: 10PPM
  • S/N ratio: >105dB
  • THD: <0.5% @ 1kHz
  • Image rejection: 85dB typical
  • Range: 60m (max)
  • Output impedance: 2.2k Ohms
  • Output level: Balanced: 0-400mv, unbalanced: 0-200mv
  • Connectors: DC in, 4 x XLRM, 6.3mm jack
  • Dimensions : receiver: 483 x 44 x 225mm
  • Weight : receiver: 3.8kg
  • Dimensions : handheld transmitter (QU4-H, QU4-C): 243 x 48mmØ
  • Weight : handheld transmitter (QU4-H, QU4-C): 238g (no battery)
  • Dimensions : beltpack transmitter (QU4-N, QU4-C): 205 x 68 x 25mm
  • Weight : beltpack transmitter (QU4-N, QU4-C): 76g (no battery)
  • Dimensions : neckband microphone (QU4-N, QU4-C): 140 x 180 x 60mm
  • Weight : neckband microphone (QU4-N, QU4-C): 20g

Compatible with:

  • Chord QU4 red: W Audio RM Quartet yellow (863.01 MHz)
  • Chord QU4 green: W Audio RM Quartet green (864.30 MHz)
  • Chord QU4 blue: W Audio RM Quartet red (864.99 MHz)
  • Chord QU4 yellow: W Audio RM Quartet blue (863.42 MHz)



Launched in 2010, the Chord music brand covers everything that a musician could need... from guitars and percussion to amplifiers and stands, with a multitude of accessories in between.

The Chord offering features a fantastic range of guitars as well as an equally impressive collection of effects pedals, amplifiers and guitar accessories. There is a substantial collection of percussion instruments as well as a large selection of drum sticks. We have a huge variety of cases and covers to protect your precious instruments and a range of tuners, pick-ups and metronomes. Our close attention to function and reliability has already given the Chord brand a reputation for delivering great quality at affordable prices. We aim to maintain these high standards as we expand our range in the future.

Additional information

Weight3.8 kg
Dimensions22.5 × 48.3 × 4.4 cm

Handheld (QU4-H), Beltpack (QU4-N), Combo (QU4-C)


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