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Monacor Partition-1 contactless communication


‘Talk through glass’ sound system




Monacor Partition-1 contactless ‘talk-through-glass’ communication system for room to room two way speach

The demand for contactless communication systems is greater than ever: numerous companies, authorities or public bodies are looking for practicable and cost-effective solutions which can be quickly and effectively implemented

COVID-19: As we start to get back to a normal life, some social distancing is still required and many businesses will need to serve their customers in a safe and efficient way – a cafe, bar or pub may have outside seating and need to annouce that the next order is ready, a pharmacy queue outside may need to know that a particular prescription is ready for collection or a ‘click and collect’ operation may wish to call the next customer forward and talk-through-glass systems have become more necessary with protective screens becoming a must have in many environments. Wireless communication in education, podcasting and distance calling in many situations demands these specialist products

Communication at a distance: safe but still personal

Available as:

  • PARTITION-1B ‘talk through glass’ system with 2 black speakers (1 x powered & 1 passive), 2 black boundary microphones and black mixer – includes 2 x ECM-302B, 1 x MKA-50SET/SW, 1 x MXR-4 and 1 x MCA-304
  • PARTITION-1W ‘talk through glass’ system with 2 white speakers (1 x powered & 1 passive), 2 white boundary microphones and black mixer – includes 2 x ECM-302B/WS, 1 x MKA-50SET/WS, 1 x MXR-4 and 1 x MCA-304
  • PARTITION-1B-Demo ‘talk through glass’ system with 2 black speakers (1 x powered & 1 passive), 2 black boundary microphones and mixer – this is our original Demo set put together as an example of these systems

And this is how it works: our counter intercom system is just the right solution for voice communication between rooms which are acoustically separated. You are able to communicate with other people from a distance using two boundary microphones and two speakers. This way, there is no physical contact necessary during communication if two rooms are separated by glass, for example

The room to room counter intercom system can be used wherever protective measures have to be implemented for communication purposes to ensure safety or to ensure social distancingn for local authorities, nursing homes or care facilities, banks, public authorities, hospitals, reception areas or cash desks

Speaker cable assembly and installation of these systems require some DIY assembly skills – you should only require wire cutters and screwdrivers together with speaker and amplifier fixings etc. The staff area boundary microphone should be mounted close to the staff member – it feeds channel one of the mixer with its pan control fully to the right while the customer area boundary microphone is mounted close to the customer and feeds the second channel of the mixer with the pan control fully to the left. Install and connect all cables and components, turn all volume and gain controls to minimum, select the low-cut filter’ on mixer inputs 1 & 2 and switch-on the mixers ‘phantom power’  before powering the mixer and speakers – then set the volume etc. The left and right outputs of the mixer feed the left and right inputs of the powered loudspeaker in the staff area – with the powered speaker set to stereo connect the passive speaker in the customer area to the ‘right speaker’ terminal on the powered speaker

System Includes

  • Twin channel mixer
  • 2 x black or white powered speakers – see option
  • 2 x black or white boundary microphones – see option
  • Required connection cables
  • User Manuals

Constant development means that illustrations are only representative and items supplied may be newer or improved models

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