Aluminium quad truss accessories pack

Citronic BCP16 aluminium universal truss box corner accessories pack

£20.90 £25.08 incl. VAT

Truss half conical connector accessories pack



Citronic BCP16 aluminium universal truss box corner accessories pack

An accessories pack for the universal 6-way box corner piece of trussing (853.874UK, sold separately), including 4 x universal connectors, 4 x fixing pins and 4 x safety clips.

  • Connectors for universal 6-way box corner (853.874UK, sold separately)
  • Safe, strong and secure
  • ISO DIN 4113



A brand with history, Citronic is still going strong after 40 years. It has evolved over the years to become a leader in the professional audio market and is now the ideal choice for installers, hire companies and mobile DJs. The comprehensive range offers reliable and durable products from loudspeakers through to DJ headphones. As a DJ industry pioneer, Citronic developed many of the features that have since become industry standards. The Citronic philosophy has always been to push the barriers of quality and innovation, yet maintain a reputation for “out of the box” reliability with fully featured and affordable products. Over the last 10 years Citronic has taken strides to grow from a humble 30 products to over 200. This versatile range now covers simple home DJ plug & play set-ups and fully featured outboard equipment, right through to high-powered installations. This allows Citronic to service many sectors of the entertainment industry including pubs, nightclubs, hotels and studios, as well as supplying distinctive products DJs.


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