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From user manuals and circuit diagrams we have information on thousands of current and discontinued professional and commercial public address PA sound system products

Our knowledge pages include technical know-how, PA sound system advice, 100v line advice, guidance on regulations & licences, product literature & user manuals together with manufacturer’s guides & product information – all of which is free to use and distribute, but please credit the source

Sound Services distribute the complete range of public address and PA sound system products from Monacor, AV:Link, Clever Acoustics, Sennheiser, IMG Stageline, Eagle, NJS, SoundLab, Adastra, Pulse, QTX, Trantec, Chord, Signet, Citronic and other respected manufacturers and rather than a ‘quick sale’ we rather enjoy talking to you and, hopefully, specifying a good public address sound system or product that meets your needs

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Knowledge pages:
Circuits, wiring, connecting, terminology and repairs
Induction loops for the hard of hearing
Installing 100v line PA sound systems
Licenses, rules, regulations and information
Stage sound, live PA & DMX lighting
Wireless microphones, radiomics and IEM’s

Why Sound Services?

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Sound Hire – Wireless Microphone and Public Address Sound Equipment Hire

Sound hire in the South

Sound Services can supply your short term professional PA sound system, public address sound and wireless mic hire requirements – we cater for seminars, meetings, fetes, sports days, award ceremonies, training sessions, plays, sporting events, parties, trade shows, product launches, carnivals, public enquiries etc. Please call 01252 620227