Home Studio - MONITOR-50B-TT 50 watt stereo sound system with turntable with black speakers

Sound Services supply selected and proven products from Monacor, Chord, IMG Stageline, Adastra, QTX, SoundLab, Eagle, Citronic, NJS, Pulse and other respected manufacturers in this public address PA sound system

Home Studio - Combining a bluetooth receiver with the 25w RMS per channel amplifier, a stereo record deck turntable and a stereo pair of speakers, this system gives you an ideal basis to play music easily from your vinyl LP record collection as it is from your smartphone or tablet computer etc.

The SA-100 has a USB charging facility so your device is always ready to go


  • 25w + 25w RMS output
  • Silent operation due to fanless cooling
  • Additional 3.5mm connection with switchable sensitivity on the front panel
  • USB port on the front panel for power supply and for charging external units
  • Audio source selector
  • Controls for volume, bass and treble
  • 6.3mm headphone output
  • Robust metal housing

Stereo Bluetooth receiver

  • Stand-alone Bluetooth device
  • Enjoy a great sound and the freedom of movement with wireless operation
  • LED for status indication
  • Supplied with RCA to 3.5mm

Stereo Hi-fi Turntable

  • Record deck with USB port and integrated phono preamplifier
  • USB port (Type-B) for high-quality and convenient digitalisation of analogue vinyl records via PC, adjustable USB audio level
  • Stereo output via RCA jacks, switchable line/phono
  • Belt drive with quick start system
  • 2 speeds
  • Pitch control: 16%
  • Metal pick-up arm and plastic turntable platter
  • Smoked acrylic glass cover, removable
  • Recording software is available as freeware on the Internet

Stereo speakers

  • 2-way
  • Polycarbonate housing with aluminium grille
  • Bass driver with separate tweeter
  • Supplied in pairs
  • Black

System Includes

  • Stereo record deck
  • Stereo amplifier
  • Bluetooth receiver
  • 2 x black speakers
  • speaker cable
  • Input connector lead for iPods etc.
  • User Manuals

Also known as MKS-64, MKS 64, MKS64, 25.4110, WSA 1, 25.4210, SA100, SA 100, 25.4120, DJP-106, DJP-106, DJP104, DJP106

Constant development means that illustrations are only representative and items supplied may be newer or improved models

Also known as Monacor MONITOR-50, MONITOR-50B, MONITOR-50W

MONITOR-50B-TT including SA-100 amplifier, record deck turntable, bluetooth receiver and a pair of black speakers - £282.50 excl. VAT / £339.00 incl. VAT


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