PAST-225 horn speaker or lighting stand with cross bar

Tripod/stand - PAST225 heavy-duty folding tripod with height adjustment from 1.5m to 3.2m. Features a safety lock and a square tube T-bar for horn speakers or lighting units etc.


  • That these tripods must be staked on tied when used outside
  • We recommend that the cross bar is reduced in legnth to inprove stability
  • We recommend that the useful height is kept to around 2.5m to improve stability
  • Minimum height 1.5m
  • Maximum height 3.2m

This tripod is suitable for two larger horn speakers or up to four smaller horn speakers

Also known as IMG Stageline 180611, 180.611, PAST225, PAST 225, 11.8890  and PAST-225

PAST-225 1.5m to 3.2m high tripod with cross bar and fittings to support up to 4 horn speakers - £44.85 excl. VAT / £53.82 incl. VAT


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